Thank you notes are a must-do for every wedding gift you receive. Before you start opening gift boxes, find the list and record each gift next to the giver's name and address.

When writing wedding thank you cards, it's easy to get stumped on what to say, particularly when you don't know the person well, or when you just don't like the wedding gift. Make it easy on yourself by following these samples.

The main thing is to get your thank you notes written and sent as promptly as possible. They should be hand written, but they don't have to be cards. They can be written on those little cards that say "Thank You" on the front but are blank inside, but ordinary note paper would be OK too.

Wording samples 1

Thank you so much for the ____________. Thank you so much for attending our wedding. We really appreciate your generous gift and for thinking of us on our special day.

Wording samples 2

Thank you for adding to the joyful spirit of our wedding with your presence (or "good wishes") and (specify the gift).

Wording samples 3

Your gift and best wishes are among the blessings we are thankful for as we begin our life together. Thank you again

Wording samples 4

"We want to thank you for the generous check that you gave us for our wedding." (If it was a huge amount, say "extremely generous".) < /p>

Wording samples 5

"It was lovely to see you there -- we're so glad you could be with us."

Wording samples 6

"We're so sorry you weren't able to be with us on that day. We missed you."

Wording samples 7

"Thanks for your generous monetary gift. We used it buy/are using if for ___________" Same thing with gift cards. Tell them what you bought with the gift card.

Wording samples 8

"We've been saving up for [a down payment on a house] - [furniture for our home] - [tuition to finish college] and really appreciate your help." (Don't say you're spending the money on something temporary, such as your honeymoon trip or a new car.) You should vary the wording of your notes, especially for folks who will get to see several of them.

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