Need Some Inspiration?

The key to creating a wow wedding is to focus on the little details and how they fit with the vibe of your celebration, starting with your wedding invitations. We have all the materials and resources you'll need to create beautiful, personal wedding invitations.we have collected some inspiration ideas to get your creativity following to cut costs on your wedding invitations.

Customize Vellum Warp To Match Card Design

Lightweight vellum is great for creating vellum jackets and sleeves. Not only does a wrap keep your invitation ensemble neat inside of your envelope, it's also just plain pretty. Wrap around the front and secure with ribbon, wax seals or adhesives.

elegant greenery monogram vellum wedding invitation
with wax seal
invitation code:SWPI102

as low as $2.13

romantic pink floral bloom vellum pocket
with wax seal sticker wedding invitation
Invitation code: SWPI116

as low as $0.65

Use Belly Bands/Tag To Wrap The Invitation

Belly bands are a great way to personalize a style entire suite together inside the envelope so when your guests open it.

elegant greenery wedding invitations
with vellum belly band
invitation code:SWPI109

as low as $0.65

elegant greenery botanical wedding invite with
gold mirror paper backer
Invitation code: SWPI119

as low as $1.35

Ribbon Will Catch Your Eyes

When we're talking about using ribbon in your invitation suite, the traditional option is a pretty, wide silk ribbon, tied it in a big fluffy bow. This is the perfect choice if you're looking for a romantic and sweet way to hold all the pieces of your stationery together

calligraphy wedding invitations
with french blue silk ribbon
invitation code:SWPI045

as low as $0.65

romantic wedding invitations
with matching blush pink floral vellum jacket
Invitation code: SWPI096

as low as $0.65

Incorporating Wax Seals Into Invitation

Wax seals are on trend for vellum wedding invitations right now! The wonderful thing about these seals is how versatile they can be. Wax seals can be more not only envelopes, and the lovely thing about wax seals is that once you’ve purchased the seal, they are a really low cost way of carrying your theme through all your stationery.

moody burgundy and blush floral vellum pocket
wedding invitation rope with wax seal
invitation code:SWPI117

as low as $0.65

minimalist calligraphy vellum dusty blue wedding invitations
matching card with wax seal
Invitation code: SWPI121

as low as $0.55

Get Colored Envelopes And Inside Liner

Choose an envelope liner made from a paper or one
from a decorative paper with a particular pattern
or texture that adds to your invitation



FAQ about vellum

Can you print color on vellum?

Sure! Our printer produces clear results on the vellum you are trying to print, whether your printed design is full color or black and white, it will not make a difference. 

Does light show through vellum?

Light does show through vellum paper, creating a soft glow. This makes it ideal for use as vellum invitation. To learn more about this, you can place an order to get some samples to discover more details