10 custom ways for affordable wedding invitations

Are you looking for flat invitations that are simple yet uniquely designed? In the sorting out of wedding cases in 2022, we found that more and more brides and grooms will choose flat invitations. This will also be a trend in the future. First, flat invitations are cheaper than other styles of invitations such as laser cut invitation and acrylic invitation, and secondly, they are light in weight,so It is convenient for mailing them out. Besides, the most important thing is that flat invitations can be matched with more wedding themes. The only disadvantage of flat invitations may be the overly simple design. This article will solve this concern for you. If you are interested in flat invitations and want to be unique in design, please read on.


Add a Belly Band or a Tag

Simple and inexpensive belly bands can take your basic invites to the next level. We have to admit that a single card does look monotonous. You can use belly bands and tags to make them look elegant. It also serves the purpose of keeping all the other elements together inside the envelope.


Tie with Twine or thread

If you're planning a rustic or boho wedding, simply adding some twine and kraft paper tags can give your invitations a more wedding-worthy look, while gold thread designs can make your invitations luxurious.


Put Ribbons and Diamond Buckle on It

Nothing brings out the elegance and sophistication of an invitation more than ribbons and diamond buckles. Adding them is so easy, here are some ideas you can try.


Seal it with Wax

If you want to make your invitations look more luxurious and vintage, wax stickers must be a good choice, usually wax stickers can be used with ribbons, gold threads, or it can be attached to the envelope, it depends to your preference.

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Add a Pocket

Upgrade from single cards to pocket-wrapped invitations, a simple change that can make your invitations look more expensive and formal.


Customize the Shape of the Invitation

We can change the shape of the invitation card, which will make your invitation card more unique. We can customize arch, butterfly, heart and other shapes for you. Of course, if you have a favorite design, we can also help you make it.


Paste a Backer

Here is another good idea, it can make your invitation look more luxurious, add glitter mirror liner, you can also choose any other color liner, it will make your invitation more colorful.


Make Laser Cut Edges

The laser cut design has always been liked by many brides. Adding hollow elements to the invitation can make the invitation more delicate.


Add a Wash of Watercolour

Adding watercolors to invitations is a very creative design that is full of modern and artistic vibes.


Add a Liner

If you like the original design of the invitation and don't want to add additional design to change it, you can also add a liner to your envelope, the first thing your guests see when they open the envelope is the liner, a gorgeous liner can also work well decorative effect.

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